Jan 2020

West Wittering

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West Sussex



Two modern houses developed for Commercial client

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‘Kestrel' and 'Kite’ are two new-build detached homes designed for a local building developer to replace the tired existing semi-detached properties.  They have been designed to be read as a collective but each with their own identity.  The material pallet is mirrored on both properties, and has been carefully selected to reinforce the buildings connection with the locality.

The properties are bordered by a large, mature hedgerow, which masks the ground floor of the property from the public realm.  The first floor has been designed to harmonise with the surrounding buildings and their semi-rural setting.  Timber cladding is a traditional building material used on both functional agricultural buildings as well as residential properties in the area.  The vertical timber cladding on the larger property has been designed to emulate the barn at Cakeham Stables which can be viewed from the properties.  Shingles are also commonly used in the local area and have inspired the use of cedar shingles on the smaller property.

The ground floor is clad in a fresh, contemporary white render that juxtaposes the first floor which conforms to typical traditional local aesthetic.  This helps break up the massing of the buildings and compliments the timber cladding on the level above it.

The design has considered the detail of the fenestration, with the use of anthracite grey aluminium window frames, as well as the hidden eaves and guttering detail, which has been designed to blend into the elevations to create a simple appearance.

The buildings have been oriented perpendicular to each other to divide up the mass of the buildings, reflect the existing domestic built form and create an agricultural character and appearance.  It achieves this whilst utilising the views and solar gain within each property.

The environmental impact has been considered throughout the building and several sedum roofs have been established to help to compensate for the loss of habitat.