Contemporary re-design of a nightclub in Guildford

Adam Knibb Architects won the appointment to re-design the Legion Nightclub in Guildford. A scheme was developed to give a fresh face to the main facade, whilst also providing an exterior smoking terrace.

With interaction from the local council and police department, the wish of the owner was to move the gathering of smokers from spilling on to the main road to a safe zone within the curtilage of the building. The external decked area will provide an outdoor area for smoking but also be part of the nightclub facilities for all the patrons.

The design provides access down from level 3 and also from a mezzanine level accessed from the ground floor. The mezzanine is access by an internal staircase that penetrates up the terrace via a frameless glass lantern that is hidden behind the timber facade. Linked into the decking the frameless glass lantern is encapsulated by a wrapping timber ‘arm’ that turns to form the staircase access from level 3. The decking, whilst providing a smoking area will also create an open-air seating and relaxing zone with various soft seating tied into the architectural elements.


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