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Waterside new build home to replace fire damaged house

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After a tragic fire rendered the existing property uninhabitable and unsalvageable, the homeowners were left with no option but to negate the remains of their home and rebuild it.

Located on the waters edge in a high flood risk zone, the new property has been designed on stilts to future-proof it and mitigate damage from a 1-in-100 year flood.

The building has been designed with two projecting gable ends to mimic that of vernacular riverine boat houses. Deep overhangs, pitched roofs and the dark zinc wrap looks to reduce the visual impact of the house on the river front scene, seeking to offer a distinctive piece of contemporary architecture to the current landscape whilst referencing the architectural heritage of the area without being pastiche.

The property’s elevated aspect has a secondary benefit as it enhances the views from within the house. The views are predominantly cast to the south-west of the dwelling over the water on both the ground and first floor through full height acoustic glazing which continues up through the double height space to the apex of the gable ends. Glazing along the northern aspect is reduced and screened with timber fins to offset any overlooking from the road.