Split House

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Residential - New Build

One-off house situated in a Grade II listed park and garden.

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Situated within a Grade II listed historic park in Hampshire, the house comprises two gabled buildings connected by a glazed link. The layout of the house was determined by the shape of the site itself. The glazed link serves as a circulation space that houses a staircase and allows sunlight to enter the middle of the house. The study, utility room and snug are located towards the front of the house, while the open-plan living area with a feature fireplace is located towards the back. The upper floor of the house is fully dedicated to bedrooms, with the master suite situated towards the rear. A bridge on the first floor links the two parts of the house over a void.

The living area seamlessly blends indoor and outdoor spaces with its terrace, offering a beautiful view of the garden. Meanwhile, the secluded side sitting area provides privacy and a sense of isolation.

The project uses brick, stone, and slate materials, which complement the character of the local area. The landscape has been carefully designed to blend into the listed park. The glazing at the back of the house allows natural light to fill the living areas, providing views into the garden and the park.

The final design responds to the specific requirements of the brief and effectively addresses the distinctive features of the site.