Nixon House

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West Grimstead


Residential - New Build

Collection of contemporary barn-style buildings in a rural setting

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Nixon house is a 4 bedroom property which has been cleverly designed to resemble a collection of modernised barns.

To achieve this, the 3 wings of the building have been organised in an offset arrangement. The orientation of the buildings have been calculated to maximise views and solar gain. Their almost perpendicular configuration breaks up the massing and makes the property appear smaller. In addition this creates partially enclosed courtyard spaces at both the front and rear of the property.

Traditional and natural materials such as flint and timber have been proposed to clad the exterior facades, which respectfully integrates the building into the natural environment.

Solar shading has been added to prevent over heating and direct sunlight from creating too much glare within the property. This practical element is designed out of timber, and is orientated perpendicular to the timber cladding, to create an interesting design feature.

The building plan has a systematic layout with the primary living areas and kitchen located in the centre of the house. This prevents either end of the house from feeling isolated and ensures that the most used spaces have access to the best views in the building.

This allows the property to harmoniously cohere with the natural surroundings.