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Residential - Extension & Refurbishment

Contemporary timber extension to a 19th-century house located in the Surrey Hills AONB.

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Adam Knibb Architects were approached to design a two-storey extension to a 19th-century house situated in the rural area of Surrey Hills AONB. The architects collaborated with planning officers from Surrey Hills AONB to design a responsive extension that fits the unique character of the area.

‘In my view, it is an example as to how a contemporary designed extension to an older building in the Surrey Hills AONB replacing an unattractive built extension can be sympathetic to the original building and give it vitality.’ ~ Surrey Hills AONB Planning Adviser

The new addition along the western elevation is designed to complement the existing architectural features. The timber canopy continues the brick banding at the first level. The first-floor addition mimics the proportions of the existing first-floor gables. The detached first-floor element is connected to the existing first-floor gables with a transparent glazed link, which distinguishes between the old and new parts of the building.

The rhythm of cladding and windows to the extension has been dictated by the width proportions of the existing windows. The head height of the new first-floor windows matches that of the existing windows.

Consideration was given to minimising light pollution in the Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty. The large set-back windows in the ground floor extension provide ample natural daylight to the living spaces while limiting light pollution at night.

The new ground floor extension's living areas open up to a covered terrace with spectacular views of the surrounding landscape.

The contemporary timber extension complements its surroundings and preserves the character of Surrey Hills AONB and AGLV.