Contemporary Pool House in Winchester, Hampshire

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Bluebell Cottage is a large detached private home that is situated in Crawley, Winchester. The garden receives sunlight throughout the day and is overlooked only by surrounding trees and fields. The active site is an old tennis court that required replacement or a change of use. The proposal created a pool-house that is of a discrete nature, does not block views to the fields, is of minimal impact and provides fun/enjoyment for the family.

Tucked behind the existing garage, the modern contemporary building sits along-side an external swimming pool. Linked via a raised timber path from the existing house, the path which acts like a 'cat-walk' leads up to the pool and turns to take you into the single storey oak clad box. Comprising of a playroom, gym and shower room, this simple building provided the required addition to the pool enabling it to be enjoyed by the whole family during the day or entertaining in the evening.

The client’s wishes to provide a sustainable building gave Adam Knibb Architects the chance to provide a sedum/green roof across the building giving habitat back to the wildlife, along with an air source heat pump providing a reduction in running costs. Timber cladding over a highly insulated building provides a soft facade to the building whilst reducing the requirement for heavy heating. The design also makes use of prefabricated cross-laminated timber panels which provided a quick and efficient build process.


Adam created the bluebell poolhouse for us which has transformed our family life way beyond our hopes and expectations. From the first meeting Adams professionalism gave us reassurance to embark on this life changing project. We felt well advised, supported and had total confidence in Adams plans and he remained accessible and involved throughout (and continues to be so). Adam has given us so much more than a building. He made the whole process from concept to completion an absolute pleasure and a life highlight. I hold him in high regard for his immense skill and we (my wife and 3 boys) continue to be profoundly grateful for his life changing input to our lives. 

Tom & Susannah Willsher

Project details

ClientTom & Susannah Willsher
StatusCompleted November 2012
Type Of ProjectPool House
Contract value£250,000
Main contractorGregory Collins Ltd
Structural engineerPaul Tanner Associates
Selected subcontractors and suppliersEnglish Woodlands Timber

 Crawley, Hampshire

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