Jan 2021

Chocolate Box

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Farncombe, Surrey



Modern set of contemporary flats

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The Chocolate Box is an exceptional collection of contemporary flats situated in Farncombe, outside Guildford designed for a local developer. This modern building features three floors of two mirrored flats each side. Designed with comfort and style in mind, every flat comprises two bedrooms, an open-plan kitchen and living area, a family bathroom and a terrace.

To ensure convenient access for all residents, the ground floor incorporates a central stair core, providing a sheltered entrance to the apartments on the first and second floors. Ground-floor flats benefit from private entrances located on the sides of the building. Additionally, the ground floor design emphasises privacy and calmness by situating the living functions towards the rear of the building. This layout creates a seamless flow from the living area to the garden, offering a private space for residents. The bedroom spaces, strategically positioned at the front, provide an engaging view of the street while minimising noise pollution through smaller openings.

The first and second-floor apartments can be accessed through a communal hallway, leading to the main living space. On the street-facing side, an open-plan layout encompasses a well-appointed kitchen, dining area, and living space.

The proposal maintains the existing building lines and setback, preserving side access and courtyard gardens. It replaces a deteriorated building, positively contributing to the street and local context.

Using a limited palette of timber, masonry, and zinc, the second floor and pitched roof feature durable standing seam zinc cladding, reflecting the existing slate roof. Masonry reflects the surrounding area, with vertical and horizontal brickwork patterns breaking up the massing. Timber cladding softens the external appearance and distinguishes the terrace.

Well-positioned glazing brings in natural light, breaks up the massing, and offers views. The glazing is designed to be solar and thermally efficient for sustainability.

The proposed material palette gives a modern take on the street context.